Ari Tomita combines the principle of Oriental brush with minimalism and abstract expressionism, defining a new synthesis of East and West. Her existential, "in-the-moment" philosophy springs from yin-yang cosmology and Zen.

These musically-physical paintings are forms of visual haiku that capture dynamic energy and inner calm in a way that reflects and dissolves the boundaries of space-time and being.

Tomita also created a teaching method for Western students that might enable them to grasp and learn a spirit of this beautiful, meditative, and dynamic art form. She spent 15 years developing this method, which includes simplified brush techniques and structures as well as Japanese aesthetics, and Chinese cosmology.

"I have experienced, while creating my work, that my brush movements were as intense as fire but when the moment was totally pure, the fire became frozen - it transformed itself into the tranquility of dimensional spaces..." (Translation from Japanese by Ari Tomita)
- Shiryu Morita is an avant-garde brush artist

" Oriental brush painting by Ari Tomita, which represents a new, contemporary international language. This abstract brush painting excludes references to the outside world and at the same time transcends the differences between cultures. It is existential art that captures the creative self in its moment of creating.... "
- Helen Westgeest is an Associate Professor of Art History at the Vrije University of Amsterdam, Holland and the author of "Zen in the Fifties"

  Ari Tomita is an artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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